Fish tank heating rod originally to be used in this way, knowledge!

2020-04-18  239

Fish tank heating rod is the most commonly used aquarium supplies, used for the water inside the fish tank heating, because of long-term work in the water, and the need for electricity, so usually use must pay attention to safety issues.

Precautions for use of fish tank heating rod:

1, fish tank heating rod in the air do not power. Because it heats up so quickly in the air, it can burn a heating rod or break glass or burn your hands. Even after the power is not immediately out of the water, the temperature is very high, also easy to burn and burn the heating rod.

2. Teach children not to touch fish tank heating rods.

3. When changing water, be careful not to expose the heating bar with the water level too low.

4, pay attention to the life of the tank element: it is recommended that the bimetallic strip element should be replaced to use one to two years, because of its internal bimetallic strip with long time, are prone to failure, the relative price also is not very expensive, lest produce unnecessary loss, replace the heating rod can be used to change water heating use.

5. Always observe the heating bar and thermometer. The indicator light of the heating bar does not indicate normal operation, and the water temperature shall prevail. Because the indicator is always on and the heating rod is not working. Of course, there are times when the light doesn't work and the bar is still working, but that's rare.

How do I use the fish tank heater

Element is how to use a lot of new fish tank doubt, is now on the market of the tank element design is reasonable, for constant temperature Settings, namely only will work when did not reach the set temperature, the temperature reached after will automatically shut down temporarily, so use method is simple, as long as after heating rod set temperature in the tank, after completely submerged to electricity.

Tips on how to use fish tank heating rods:

1. Avoid putting it into the water or directly in the heating. Power should be stopped for 5 minutes before taking it out.

2, whether heating or cooling in the temperature regulation should be adopted in a progressive way, to avoid the temperature in a short period of time sudden rise or fall, causing biological and physiological urgency.

3. Keep a spare one for replacement in case of damage.

4, if the heating rod display lamp is always on, be careful, at the same time, to closely observe the thermometer, this may be damaged or will be damaged.

5. If the heating rod is damaged, cut off the power supply of the heating rod before handling, so as to avoid the possibility of electric shock.

Does the fish tank heater consume electricity

Tank heating rod not always work, as long as to reach the set temperature will automatically shut down, if the tank insulation measures to do good, that will be a lot less heating rod power consumption, so the tank of the basic power consumption is mainly produced by heating rods, other facilities of the power consumption is not high, heating rods and power-hungry, fish tank heating pipes of power consumption is calculate according to the heating time.

Generally, when the water temperature is up to or below 20 degrees Celsius, it needs to be heated. Because when using the fish tank heating bar, the water circulation is needed. Therefore, the circulating water will cause heat loss and the heating bar must be used for a long time.

Common tank heating rod specifications are 100 w, 200 w, 300 w and 500 w this four kinds of power, so power multiplied by the time of the tank element can be calculated roughly the power consumption, of course, there are many factors that can affect the tank temperature, indoor air temperature, fish tank, aquarium is thermal insulation, such as size, so this approach can only calculate a about electricity.

Place fish tank heating rods

Fish tank heating rod is one of the essential devices for tropical fish. Tropical fish have a high requirement for water temperature. Therefore, the position of fish tank heating rod directly affects the survival rate of tropical fish and the consumption of household electricity.

1, fish tank heating rods should be placed in a position to avoid direct contact with the glass, also do not bury it in the bottom sand. Because these practices will lead to uneven heat tank glass, easy to break the cylinder.

2, tank heating rods can be inclined to put or flat in the near the bottom of the cylinder position, so the effect of heat dispelling better, because the water will rise after heating, heating of vertically rods, lower rods produced by hot water and the upper part of the great difference in temperature is relatively small, heat transfer will be slowly, it reduces the heating efficiency, prolong the heating time, waste of energy. And the temperature control device is on the top of the heating rod, which will cause the heating rod to stop heating in advance. But it's not a very nice arrangement, so many people prefer to use them vertically. At this time it is necessary to adjust the water temperature with a thermometer. The thermometer should be kept away from the heating rod to ensure that the resulting water temperature is not from the hot water that has just been heated.