Installation and use of fish tank filters

2020-04-18  248

Fish tank filter is used in the fish aquarium water purification oxygen device, its purpose is: remove water feces and other filth, keep the water clear, oxygen is sufficient, no harmful substances, no pollution, suitable for the growth of fish. Fish tank with a good filter, in order to keep good fish and less water.

Novice fish farmers may often feel overwhelmed by the filtration process in their tanks, and it is true that the quality of the filters is of Paramount importance to fish farming. Because the saying is good, raise fish must raise water first, the quality of the water is good or bad in addition to the essence of water, some fish in the water can only rely on the filter system to purify impurities, so say fish tank filter decided the success or failure of fish. Of course, different fish tank filters are used in slightly different ways. Accordingly, should undertake specific operation according to specific circumstance.

Usage of fish tank filter: 1. According to the direction of water flow, the filter material of the filtration system is set in the following order: "water inlet →(water pump)→ physical filtration → chemical filtration → biological filtration →(water pump)→ water outlet". 3. Make sure the filter is in the right place. 4, need to pay attention to is that most of the chemical filtration material, such as soft water resin, grass clay, etc., when in use, to cooperate with the corresponding detection equipment, in order to better control the water quality, to avoid excessive regulation, is not suitable for long-term use 24 hours. Therefore, for ordinary people, this level can be omitted.

Air lift biochemical cotton filter: the biochemical cotton is fixed at the entrance of the water pump, and the water is forced to circulate in the biochemical cotton by the water pump. The residual bait, biological excrement and other organic substances in the water can be adsorbed on the sponge body surface. The advantage is structure is simple, unit price is low, put into aquarium water to use directly. Disadvantage is the filter principle is simple, the effect is poor, often clean biochemical cotton, put in the fish tank impact ornamental. Suitable in the breeding period, isolation treatment period of the miniature fish tank when the excessive effect, but the water quality is too dirty when the effect is not.

Barrel type external filter: generally is the closed cartridge filter placed in the tank container, according to the different needs of the placement of different filter materials for different filtering effect. Advantage is not occupy the use of space, beautiful, small noise, can be placed more filter village, good filtering effect. Disadvantage is to clean trouble, the price is more expensive, only suitable for use in the larger fish tank.

On the filter: if it is a relatively large tank, feeding of fish is also a lot of words, it is suggested to mark as shown, the placement of the filter material is coral stone, filter cotton, activated carbon, filter cotton, ceramic ring. Of course, if feeding fish density is small, and the tank is not big, the filter material can be placed in this order, filter cotton, ceramic ring, biochemical cotton. A silk stocking on the outlet can filter out some impurities first, each time the silk stocking cleaning, reducing the burden of the filtration system.

On the advantages of the filter: first from the appearance of the look is more beautiful, next is not occupied too much space in the cylinder cylinder, and cleaning up more convenient, as long as the filter cotton can be taken out to clean. Not much disassembly is required. On the shortcomings of the filter: the first point is not safe, because most of the filter tank is placed in the fish tank on the strainer, too much weight does not exclude the risk of cylinder explosion, but as long as the setting is reasonable, this kind of problem can be avoided.

Filtering: at the bottom of the bottom of the filter is dragon cylinder filter commonly used way, at the bottom of the filter is on the bottom of the tank, made up by many of the screen, the screen can be connected on the inlet pipe of pump, when the pump work, the flow through the bottom of the screen of the grooves into the filter tank, the filtered water tank again.

The bottom filtration capacity is the strongest compared with other filtration methods, and the space at the bottom of the tank is spacious enough to provide good conditions for the placement of filtration materials. Bottom filter still can raise according to the size of fish, amount, the size of aquatic animals box size increases the number of water pump, in order to increase the filtration amount of water, regulation is convenient, cost is not much, do not need special maintenance. But the bottom filtration volume is large, to occupy the space of the bottom cabinet of the dragon cylinder, and at the same time, the power requirements of the pump are large.

For maintenance and cleaning, disconnect the power to the filter when removing the filter from the water or doing any maintenance. Regular cleaning and replacement of filter cotton and activated carbon is a necessary condition to ensure effective filtration. Filter cotton can open the bottom of the lid out to clean or replace, the plastic box placed activated carbon can also be easily removed in the other end of the filter cover.

The activated carbon in the plastic box is usually used only once, while the filtered cotton can be used two or three times. Rinse filtered water preferably using used or lukewarm tap water from the aquarium to protect the beneficial bacteria in the filter. The rotor can be easily removed from the water chamber. Please note that abrasive or corrosive cleaners should not be used when cleaning the rotor.

Note: the filter can only be used according to the rated voltage and frequency marked on the nameplate. Maintenance needs to be carried out at regular intervals. Be sure to disconnect the filter power supply before cleaning and maintenance. Make sure the wire plug is not cleaned, and if it gets wet, dry the plug before reconnecting. Do not unplug the power cord with wet hands. Filters are restricted to indoor aquariums. Do not use if the filter is damaged, especially if the power cord is damaged. Make sure the filter works at the correct water level. The filter cannot be used without water. Do not disassemble or repair the filter without permission to avoid danger or damage to the body. Filter repair should be carried out by a professional.