What items do novice fish owners need to prepare?

2020-04-18  233

Just start to plan to raise a small friend of fish, the brain will always be in a mess, do not know what needs to prepare for fish to call complete, make the increase in a hurry, today we will introduce to just start to raise a small friend of fish all need to prepare what common fish equipment it.

1, the fish tank

First of all, a proper tank is the root of fish farming, whether ornamental fish or other pets, need is a good environment! Of course, the fish tank now is a perfect combination of a few equipment that fish needs, buy a fish tank, can satisfy us to raise fish, novice friend suggests to start from a small fish tank, buy a set of cylinder to come more convenient!

2. Filter

Some friends may have bought a fish tank at home, but the basic filter is not, keep for a period of time, the water is bad, the fish also do not know the dead, the blow to themselves is very big! So the filter is necessary, this can keep the water clean, fish is not so easy to die, as for the filter, if it is a small fish tank, the kind of hanging filter is still good, especially suitable for small fish tank, or is a water tank! Of course, friends should also choose the right one according to their actual situation.

3. Filtration materials

Usually placed in the filter tank of the filter material is a biochemical ring, filter coarse cotton, biochemical cotton, filter ball, biological ball, activated carbon, wheat stone, and so on, and each of the filter material has their own role, but are to filter the water quality. As for which one to choose, friends can decide according to their own tank size, the size of the filter tank to decide.

4. Water and grass lamp

Fish tank, light is also very important, especially we planted water plants! Aquatic plants cannot leave the lamp, because aquatic plants need to photosynthesize through light, promote growth. Why can someone else's water plant grow so well! Maybe when you see someone else's device, you'll see it all at once!

5. Sink wood and water plants

General raising ornamental fish, is not only to kill time, edify sentiment, more or for viewing value, and a lot of fish tank, body color bright-coloured viewing with vibrant green water plants, or sink wood, that picture that effect is certainly not the same! Still appeared on market today sink wood and aquatic plant sell in a complete set, this also is quite convenient to novice.

6. Water plant mud

Maybe this novice friend used less, what is the use of this? Grass mud is used to planting aquatic plants, it is rich in nutrition, without washing can be directly laid on the bottom of the tank, probably spread can be three to five centimeters thick, but the kind of grass is not very suitable for novice friend, because of the aquatic plants need careful care, and also need you to take care of fish, for a beginner, certainly not to give attention to two or morethings.