Affiliate program

Franchise approval process

1.project consulting and promotion stage:

(1)ask for information

(2)project consultation;

2.preliminary stage:

(1)according to the network layout plan

(2)fill in the application form and plan

(3)prepare relevant documents and funds

(4)evaluate the application form

(5)evaluate the management idea of franchisees

(6)determine the appropriate franchisee

3.project intention negotiation stage:

(1)investigation headquarters;

(2)the two sides made further investigations

(3)to confirm each other's intentions

4.sign the contract stage:

(1)prepare relevant documents, funds and places;

(2)sign the franchise contract

(3)the preparatory stage before opening: submission of business plan

(4)housing tenancy, construction and preparation

(5)business examination and approval (company registration)

(6)recruitment and training of personnel;

5.cooperation stage:


(2)operation and supervision;

6.termination phase:

(1)cooperation expires

(2)termination of breach of contract

(3)termination of force majeure