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TG-01 TG-02
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1.Safe and reliable low voltage input
2.High clarity glass
3.High efficient energy saving LED light
4.Flexible and freely bendable light arm


BettaBowl Set Up:

1.Wash the inside of the bowl to ensure any dust and dirt are removed.
2. Dry the outside of the bowl with a clean cloth free of detergents, soaps or any other chemical residue.Do not dirty the inside of the bowl.
3. Wash the gravel (Sold separately). Place a small amount of gravel into a bucket, run water through it and churn it over with your hand until the water coming out of the bucket is clean. It is very important to wash the gravel properly as it will affect the clarity of the water in the BettaBowl.
4. DO NOT pour the gravel into the BettaBowl. Gently scoop it out of the bucket with your clean hand and place it in the BettaBowl.
5. Consider where you are going to position the BettaBowl. Place it in a warm space of the house. Avoid direct sunlight, Keep away from the children and any household pets.
6. Place the adornments to the bowl.
7. Place the bowl into the cradle; ensure the light is in the upright position.
8. Take clean tap water with a clean bucket or container (which has not any soaps or detergents in it).
9. Fill the bowl approximately 3/4 full of water. Fix the gravel if it has been disturbed. Remember if you are ever required to put your hand into the bowl to drain some water from it,as it will overflow.
10. The BettaBowl holds 2 liters of water, however, the gravel and ornaments will decreases the volume of the bowl.
11. Add Betta Conditioner (sold separate) to your BettaBowl to remove harmful chlorine and other impurities from the tap water while making it a safe environment for your Betta.
12. Leave the BettaBowl for a couple of hours to allow the water to reach room temperature.
13. Seek advice from your BettaaBowl retailer on the correct method to introduce you fish to its new home.
14. Ensure your hand is dry and plug the transformer into the socket at the base of the cradle.
15. Plug the transformer into the wall socket and arrange a Drip Loop. (See diagram below)
16. Turn the switch on located above the socket. The light should only be left on for a maximum period of 8 hours a day. Longer light times have no benefit to fish or plants.


BettaBowl Maintenance:

BettaBowl recommends feeding your Betta or Goldfish in accordance with you directions on your chosen fish food. Always follow these recommendations as over feeding your fish can put them under stress and lead to an untimely death.
It is important to keep the bowl clean. Perform a small water change of about 1/4 every week. Fill a bucket with slightly more water than what was removed from your BettaBowl. Remember every time you add new water to your BettaBowl it is important to add a Betta Conditioner to neutralise the chlorine. Do this then wait approximately 1/2 an hour before adding the water to your BettaBowl to avoid your fish being shocked by the change in temperature. In the colder months of the year to take the chill out of the water,add a touch of boiled water from a clean kettle. DO NOT use hot water from the tap.
Once a month drain approximately 3/4 of the water in your BettaBowl into a clean bucket (avoid draining any sediment) remove your fish and place it into the bucket. Clean the gravel and bowl with clean tap water. Place the bowl back into the cradle and add the old water back into the BettaBowl along with the fish. Then follow the directions in the previous paragraph for adding new water to the BettaBowl.


Product features:

AQUARIUM TANK TG-01 5V 200*190*270MM 2L 8 40*40*38.5CM
AQUARIUM TANK TG-02 5V 205*180*220MM 2L 6 64*50*30CM

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